Friday, August 14, 2009

In need of venting....

So, this last week of work could have gone so much better. Like I could have made money and not been so annoyed after my shift was over. Don't people know when they go out to a restaurant that the person that greets you at your table controls how and when your food is coming out? What does this mean you may ask? Please try not to piss me off or annoy me within the first 2 minutes of me having to talk to you.

Let me give you a hint, this means that if I don't like you, I might forget to refill your drinks so much or even worse. You might wonder why those fries are really greasy. *winks* Yeah right, unfortunately I have a conscious so I can't take it upon myself to ever follow through with these actions.

However, to give the average person a heads up. I GET PAID $4.25 AN HOUR! Meaning your tips help me pay my bills. I start of by being nice, you should try to follow the example set for you. Just follow the yellow brick round and you'll find a very happy place.

*sigh* Oh my God, I feel a little better.

Peace out yo!

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