Friday, August 14, 2009

In need of venting....

So, this last week of work could have gone so much better. Like I could have made money and not been so annoyed after my shift was over. Don't people know when they go out to a restaurant that the person that greets you at your table controls how and when your food is coming out? What does this mean you may ask? Please try not to piss me off or annoy me within the first 2 minutes of me having to talk to you.

Let me give you a hint, this means that if I don't like you, I might forget to refill your drinks so much or even worse. You might wonder why those fries are really greasy. *winks* Yeah right, unfortunately I have a conscious so I can't take it upon myself to ever follow through with these actions.

However, to give the average person a heads up. I GET PAID $4.25 AN HOUR! Meaning your tips help me pay my bills. I start of by being nice, you should try to follow the example set for you. Just follow the yellow brick round and you'll find a very happy place.

*sigh* Oh my God, I feel a little better.

Peace out yo!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

No work today?

Well, I didn't go to work today because we didn't have a babysitter. And between the two jobs, my shifts can easily be covered. Of course. Who wouldn't love to go to work and serve cranky old people that sometimes can't even remember their middle name, but can ask me every five seconds for more fries please.

I should be happy that I escaped that for the day right? Ehhh, maybe. So, I got to stay home today with my wonderful 3 year old and 8 year old stepdaughters.

Well the agenda was to go swimming until the klepto baby struck once again. My girlfriend left me the pool key so we could get through the gate. Not more than 30 minutes later I went to go look on the coffee table where I placed the key and DUN DUN DUN. The key is missing! Klepto baby has done it again!

I decided it was time to make lunch. The 8 year old enjoyed the brown sauce stir fry very much, whereas the 3 year old decided to feed my fat black cat her leftovers. OFF TO BED! Of course she screamed the whole way, but 10 minutes later she was sleeping like an angel. God, they are so much nicer when they are sleeping.

Well, about 5 hours later, I'm getting ready to make dinner and maybe dessert. The key is still missing, but overall not such a bad day. Just another usual day off from serving. But tomorrow it's back to the wonderful world of waiting on people hand and foot.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Too many women in my bed?

No this isn't what it sounds like. My girlfriend and I inherited my two female felines back from my parents. I consider these two my babies. Both with completely different personalities.

First, there is Athena. Great name, right? Goddess of wisdom and war. To make things even more interesting she is a black cat. They tend to have an attitude all their own. She's sassy, intelligent, and a little on the heavy side. We call her FA as a nickname. (otherwise the abbreviations for Fat Ass) But my mother said we should call her FA, so that she doesn't develop a complex. LOL! I wouldn't want to have that happen because then I might have to shell out for a kitty therapist. Good Lord.

Second, there is Reeses. An adorable tortishell cat. She's a little longer than Athena but slimmer. She's more my baby still. Pretty much scared of everything and anything, however she is coming around slowly. Some love and encouragement goes a long way.

I'm sure you're still asking what is the point behind the post. Well, after my girlfriend woke up to go to work this morning I went to roll over and cuddle up where she would have been laying, instead I got a chubby black furr ball of love. Yep, that's right. Athena laying right next to me. So, I went to go roll over onto my back and heard the softest meow was let out. Yep, there she was Reeses sleeping right over my head.

So, there you have it. 3 women in my bed. Now maybe if they all didn't have furr it would be fun, but I think I'll stick to the tall brunette that won my heart. She's all the woman I need. And the only woman that has my undivided attention at all times.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Introducing me...

Well, I think that I'm pretty average, however I have heard different from others. I sleep. Correction, I sleep next to a rather wonderful woman. That is when we sleep. *wink, wink* I go to work. Which at times, that can be good or bad thing. Server. I'm sure to those of you who have been in this industry completely understand what I'm talking about. And I promise that you will be hearing about some of my grand experiences that happen daily while I go to work. And last, I parent. Yes the every day life of watching children growing before your eyes. From the sneakiness of them stealing something off the kitchen counter, to them announcing they went potty for the first time on their own, and last but least, to watching their eyelids grow heavy at night as they try to stay awake for that last minute of Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel.

There you have it. Just another ordinary day in my rather average life. I hope you will all enjoy the posts to come.